Pi HQ Cam maiden flight

This was my maiden with the pi HQ camera.
Recording stopped after ~15 minutes.
Max distance to home on this flight was 3 km.

Pi3a in air
Pi4b on ground

Video settings:
48 FPS
Datarate 3 65%

I am really happy with the result :slight_smile:
(Besides the dirt on the lens)


Thats really nice!! I cant wait to get my HQ in the air

Thats awesome. I am just starting my first OpenHD build and this makes me want to do it faster.

A little bit blurry picture. Can we improve clarity on it?

What kind of lens did you use?

Maybe, have to set focus better and could use a bit more bitrate.


Was this recorded by the GroundPI orAirPi?

This is usb ground recording.

Short test flight between the rainshowers.
3km out and back with like no glitches :sunglasses:


nice picture. Can you try Datarate 4? The foliage on the trees is still blurred. Or is it youtube compression?

I tried with Datarate 4 but have issues on the bench, I suspect my external amplifier is not capable of doing this, but I don’t know.
Will re-build this plane with a ac56 as TX and check again.

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