My hardware setups and links

Lots of people asking for my setups. So this are:
My setting for FF split (9.6 KB)

… and for Pi zero camera / pi zero / pi3a+ (9.7 KB)

MFD Mini Crosswind:
-Firefly split 4K
-Hdmi to CSI converter
-Raspberry 3b+
-Asus AC56 with maple leaf antenna

Mini Talon 2:
-Zero camera 120 degrees FOV
-Raspberry 3a+
-Asus AC56 with maple leaf antenna

AR wing:
-Zero camera 120 degrees FOV
-Pi zero
-Asus AC56 with maple leaf antenna

Link for zero camera : 3

Link for Firefly split 4K :

Maple leaf antenna : 3 | parola: 224355
Manufactured here:
PAY ATTENTION, when ordering, pcb thickness must be 1 mm

On ground side:
-pi 3b+
-Ghettostation tracker
-Asus AC56
-17db patch antenna

the good link for Maple patch

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very good and well done.

Do you have good results with the 17 db patch antenna ?


yep, I had 30k max out.

I received the FF split today
I am using your openhd_settings for air
Should I do the same for ground ?

Yep, it’s recommended