Is it fake? AWUS036ACH-C (USB-C)

PCB looks very different from normal version with USB 3.0 Micro-B connector, but feels well made…
OpenHD default image works, shielded in microwave too, haven’t tested distance yet.

No images or discussions on inet. I think my pic is the first ever :))

Amazon link

Hi, nice find.

After a quick search I’d say this is a new version, not a counterfeit. Can be found in quite some stores. Also Has shielding around the amplifiers- That’s nice :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool, I got worried as its not even on alfa official website. Ordered 2nd one yesterday lol

Could you tell me the FCC ID from the label please ?

Sure. FCCID: 2AB8788121

Thx. Wierd it’s the same ID as the „old“ version…

My old (blue pcb, micro-b connector) does not have FCCID on the case, btw, this does. Do you know by chance, what the little switch does on old pcb?

I read that the switch disables the amplifiers for low power mode. But no hard data on this