I need help to configure veye 327E

If i use a v1 or v2 pi cam my air pi work as espected and send signal to the ground pi , but when i plug the veye 327E my air pi acts as a ground pi and start the hotspot and wait for a signal (I think) .
i use pi 3b+ both air and ground openhd 2.0.8 with untouched config lest my old setup create even more problems.
do I have to necessarily change some parameter in the configuration to make the veye 327E work?
I await some suggestions to be able to proceed.
Thanks and greetings from Adriano

I supply 5v power to the camera, and fearing a malfunction I tried it on a raspbian installation and it works normally, but openhd still does not notice that the camera is connected and continues to act as a “ground pi”
i also changed the resolution setting to 1920x1080x30 but it doesn’t work.
What do you recommend?

I found the solution by asking on the telegramm group.
The solution was:
In the file config.txt
#uncomment below if using veye innomaker imx219 cam or HAT

thanks you saved me some time

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