Finally I did it

Ok, I got the 30k, my final goal with this setup.

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Excellent achievement of yours which no one could with OHD so far.
You should try same 30k milestone with another better antenna available/ accessible so as to see if video is not lost near 30km.

Another thing which always annoys me that there is no use of the RSSI of video as it is showing almost no degradation in strength even when you were about to lost video near 29.5km.

Does all of the AC56 you tested so far show similar RSSI ?

Yes, Asus have this strange RSSI, also flown with Taobao card, that had linear degradation of RSSI value.
I think, it was my fault, loosing the video, as my tracker was limited to +10 degrees above horizon and my plane was below that, neer to horizon line.
As winter is coming, I don’t think, I’ll have the chance to fly so far again, next Sunday there will be only 4 deg C.