Camera (mechanical) pan/tilt gimbals

I have a zero camera and a Firefly split on pan/tilt gimbal, actuated from Taranis 's side pots through 2 channels from rx.
The stl file for 3d print is from Thinhivers, I’ll post the link too. !

I made this one, it’s geared, can do 360 ish, with a 180 degrees servo.

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Lots of people asking for my setups. So this are:

  1. Mini Talon 1:
    -Firefly split 4K
    -Hdmi to CSI converter
    -Raspberry 3b+
    -Asus AC56 with maple leaf antenna

  2. Mini Talon 2:
    -Zero camera 120 degrees FOV
    -Raspberry 3a+
    -Asus AC56 with maple leaf antenna

  3. AR wing:
    -Zero camera 120 degrees FOV
    -Pi zero
    -Asus AC56 with maple leaf antenna

Link for zero camera :

Link for Firefly split 4K :

Maple leaf antenna : | parola: 224355
Manufactured here:

On ground side:
-pi 3b+
-Ghettostation tracker
-Asus AC56
-17db patch antenna
Link :